Nearly 200 Die over July 4 Weekend Due to Skyrocketing Crime

Gun violence over the Fourth of July weekend resulted in 184 people killed and 464 injured across the United States, according to data from Gun Violence Archive.

The data shows injuries and homicides caused by gun violence during a 72-hour period, from the evening of Friday, July 2 to the evening of Monday, July 5, according to Gun Violence Archive data.

In Chicago, 13 people were killed and 64 people were injured, data from the Gun Violence Archives shows. The most shooting attempts occurred in Chicago – 51 of the 490 incidents.

In Baltimore, three people died and six people were injured, while in New York, seven people died and 40 people were injured due to gun violence. . .

Declining morale among police officers and a dramatic plummet in recruitment have left law enforcement agencies across the country under-staffed and unable to keep up with the rise in violence. Officers leaving the force most often cite anti-police sentiment and political turmoil as the reason for their resignations. (Read more from “Nearly 200 Die over July 4 Weekend Due to Skyrocketing Crime” HERE)

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