Obama Ethics Chief Slams Joe’s ‘Blind Spot’ for Hunter Dealings

Former Obama Ethics Chief Walter Shaub slammed President Joe Biden’s “blind spot” over Hunter Biden’s arranged art expose with potential “anonymous” art investors.

“Welp, when I’m right, I’m right. Hunter Biden will meet with prospective buyers of his absurdly overpriced, presidency-profiting art. Good grief. The president has such a blind spot on this issue. I really hope he and his son come to their senses,” Shaub tweeted Wednesday about Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis confirming to CBS News that Hunter Biden will attend the art events in New York City and Los Angeles.

Shaub continued, quoting Davis’ confirmation:

So the art dealer to whom the White House outsourced government ethics has arranged for Hunter Biden to meet with the richies who will bid on his art: “Oh yes. With pleasure. He’s looking forward to it. It is like someone debuting in the world. And of course he will be there.”

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