Blinken Is Asked, ‘Does the President Not Know What’s Going On?’ His Answer Is Troubling.

A really rough clip from Fox News Sunday, in which the Secretary of State totally side-steps a bruising question about the president’s basic awareness of key facts as his Afghanistan policy is reduced to smoldering rubble. The most charitable explanation I can think of here is that Blinken was so amped up to deploy his talking points about our alliances that he didn’t pay attention to the actual question put to him, which was a polite version of ‘does Biden have any clue about what’s actually happening?’ What we get in reply is boilerplate DC-speak, asking us to effectively ignore the extraordinary rhetorical beating the president and administration have sustained from some our closest allies in recent days. The less charitable explanation is that Blinken’s bloodless deflection was a deliberate avoidance of commenting on the Commander-in-Chief’s mental acuity. Watch:

Consider the statements Biden has made over the last few days, among others:

(1) His administration planned for “every contingency” ahead of our withdrawal. Nothing about that claim feels accurate in light of the reality on the ground.

(2) In spite of that first assertion, the current, rapid collapse was unforeseen. Intelligence sources and leaked cables suggest otherwise. The White House was begged for months to commence evacuations much sooner than they did:

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