CDC Urges ‘Pregnant People’ To Get COVID Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a health alert Wednesday urging people who are pregnant to get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus.

In a press release, the CDC described it as “an urgent health advisory” and recommended that people who are pregnant, recently pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, get vaccinated to “prevent serious illness, deaths, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.” The advisory noted a large number of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 in pregnant people along with “racial and ethnic disparities in vaccination coverage for pregnant people.”

“According to CDC data, only 31 percent of pregnant people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and vaccination rates vary markedly by race and ethnicity. Vaccination coverage is highest among Asian people who are pregnant (45.7 percent), but lower among Hispanic or Latino pregnant people (25 percent), and lowest among Black pregnant people (15.6 percent),” the press release states. (Read more from “CDC Urges ‘Pregnant People’ To Get COVID Vaccine” HERE)

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