Chinese State Media Warns of Military Action if Taiwan Office Changes Name

In China on Sunday, a state-run media outlet warned of “severe” military and economic consequences against Taiwan if Washington allows the self-ruled island to change the name of its representative office in the U.S.

The Global Times referred to a Financial Times report from Friday saying that President Joe Biden’s administration is considering allowing the office to change its name from the “Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office” (TECRO) to the “Taiwan Representative Office.”

The Chinese paper warned such a change would seriously anger Beijing and provoke a “severe” military and economic response:

“If the U.S. and the Taiwan island change the names, they are suspected of touching the red line of China’s Anti-Secession Law, and the Chinese mainland will have to take severe economic and military measures to combat the arrogance of the U.S. and the island of Taiwan. At that time, the mainland should impose severe economic sanctions on the island and even carry out an economic blockade on the island, depending on the circumstances.” (Read more from “Chinese State Media Warns of Military Action if Taiwan Office Changes Name” HERE)

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