Feds: Smile for the Camera, Please! 18 Agencies Using Facial Recognition

. . .The federal government’s cameras, which are watching you more and more across America.

A new report from the government confirms that 18 agencies already own or have access to facial recognition technology, and use it mostly for security.

And 10 of those are doing research and other work to expand its use on American citizens.

The General Accounting Office says the work is going on at offices including the Department of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, the Department of Transportation, Health and Human Services, the Veterans Administration, NASA, the National Science Foundation and State.

The report, explains the Electronic Privacy Information Center, follows a report from the office in June that 42 federal law enforcement agencies already are using the tech “with little to no oversight.”

“Many agencies were unaware that employees were using the technology,” said the report from EPCI, which sued recently because the U.S Postal Service was using the tech, as well as social media monitoring, without completing legally required Privacy Impact Assessments. (Read more from “Feds: Smile for the Camera, Please! 18 Agencies Using Facial Recognition” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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