Hospital ‘Denying Religious Exemptions’ and Firing Unvaccinated Gets Legal Surprise

Methodist Health System in Texas is firing dozens of workers for refusing to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, and is threatening many more, but now is facing resistance in the form of a legal demand letter that accuses officials in the corporation of saying workers can’t have religious exemptions because they believe the “wrong things.”

The demand letter is from Liberty Counsel, which suggests the medical care company utilize only legal reasons for rejecting exemption requests based on religion, or the case could end up in court.

The letter demands the system preserve all records, in case that happens.

“Methodist Health System cannot violate federal and state law and deny employees’ religious exemptions to inject a drug into their body. Health care heroes should not be treated like zeros. Do these hospitals really think that they can operate by reducing so many staff that are entitled to make a personal choice based upon the religious beliefs?” said Liberty Counsel chief Mat Staver. “These irrational mandates will soon cause a national health care crisis because of the reduction of health care workers.”

The situation is that Methodist has ordered its employees to be vaccinated by October 1. If they want an exemption based on their beliefs, they must request that by September 10. (Read more from “Hospital ‘Denying Religious Exemptions’ and Firing Unvaccinated Gets Legal Surprise” HERE)

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