Hundreds of American Citizens in Afghanistan: ‘They Lied to Us’

Hundreds of American citizens and people with green cards were left in Afghanistan after U.S. forces withdrew from the country, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who were left in Afghanistan were reportedly told after the last American flight took off from the Kabul international airport to expect information about routes out of the country, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said, according to the AP.

“We will communicate directly to them personalized instructions on what they should do, when they should do it, and how the United States government feels we are best positioned to help them do that,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said, the AP reported. . .

Green card holder Javed Habibi said the U.S. government promised him, his wife and their four daughters that they would be evacuated from Afghanistan and able to return home to Richmond, Virginia, according to the AP. Habibi said the federal government told the family to stay put and that they would be able to leave the country, but they’re still stuck in Afghanistan.

“They lied to us,” Habibi told the AP. He’s lived and worked as an electrician in the U.S. on a special immigrant visa since 2015 and was scheduled to return from Afghanistan on Aug. 31 following a family visit. (Read more from “Hundreds of American Citizens in Afghanistan: ‘They Lied to Us’” HERE)

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