Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jailed After Videos Criticizing Military Leadership

A Marine Corps officer jailed after releasing a series of Facebook videos criticizing military leadership for the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan, as well as a series of scathing posts lambasting “hypocrite” former presidents and generals, now sits in a type of solitary confinement with no phone, visitors, books, or even paper, his parents told the Washington Examiner.

“I anticipated it. I ran the gamut of rage to tears,” said Cathy Scheller upon learning that her son Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was arrested Monday. “I have taken up his cause. I will do everything I can to make sure this doesn’t disappear. I am very proud of him for standing for the service members and asking for accountability.”

Scheller was three years away from retirement when a suicide bomber killed 13 service members during the Afghanistan airlifts. This prompted him to release a now-viral video that accused leadership of lacking accountability for the disastrous reaction to the fall of Kabul at the hands of the Taliban.

He voluntarily resigned and forfeited his retirement after the first video, saying it was worth it to speak the truth. Military leaders apparently weighed their options, as Scheller wasn’t immediately arrested but was only ordered not to communicate on social media.

“Effective immediately upon your receipt below, you are hereby ordered to refrain from posting any and all material, in any form without exception, to any social media. In this context, the term ‘social media’ shall be construed very broadly to include any medium by which you may share information with groups of people…” Lt. Col. Scheller was told, according to a Sept. 25 Facebook post. (Read more from “Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jailed After Videos Criticizing Military Leadership” HERE)

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