Pennsylvania Disputes Legal Group’s Finding on ‘Unknown’ Ballots

The office of Pennsylvania’s top election official mocked a conservative legal group’s findings about undelivered and unreturned mail-in ballots in last year’s presidential contest.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation last week issued a report asserting that Pennsylvania had 15,175 undeliverable mail-in ballots and 425,606 “unknown” or unaccounted-for ballots.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by a margin of 81,660 votes to win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

The “unknown” ballots were sent to voters and never returned to election officials, which doesn’t necessarily mean votes weren’t counted, said Ellen Lyons, a spokeswoman for Pennsylvania acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid, who is in charge of elections in the state.

“[The foundation’s] ‘report’ is another attempt to undermine confidence in our elections,” Degraffenreid’s spokeswoman told The Daily Signal in an email. “To suggest that large numbers of ballots ‘went missing’ is disingenuous and misleading.” (Read more from “Pennsylvania Disputes Legal Group’s Finding on ‘Unknown’ Ballots” HERE)

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