Report: New Wuhan COVID Docs ‘Completely Contradict Fauci’ on Gain-of-Function Claims

Newly leaked documents obtained by private research group DRASTIC “completely contradict” claims made by both China and American immunologist Dr. Anthony S. Fauci about the reality of gain-of-function research being done inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology that may have caused the coronavirus pandemic, according to a former State Department COVID-19 investigator.

On “The Story”, host Martha MacCallum reported the documents released by DRASTIC revealed a plan to create a coronavirus – in this case SARS-CoV-2 – that would be more infections to and transmissible via humans. The virus would then be released in batcaves where researchers would test the flying mammals with vaccines to see if they could cure the virus.

The Chinese researchers planned to inject the “super-charged” virus into “humanized mice” to see what the effect on them would be.

Dr. David Asher, the ex-State Department official, told Fox News the biggest takeaway from the new documents is that there is a “smoking gun that explains the specific features of the [virus] sequence that are so peculiar.”

“The most genetically unusual piece of the puzzle and the sequence is a ‘furin cleavage site’, which allows the virus to spread from bats to humans, and among humans in a highly pathogenic way,” he said. (Read more from “Report: New Wuhan COVID Docs ‘Completely Contradict Fauci’ on Gain-of-Function Claims” HERE)

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