Report on Poll: Majority Thinks Biden ‘Is Kind of an Idiot’

A new poll has come out with the result that only 43% of the respondents believe Joe Biden is mentally sharp, prompting a news media outlet to headline its report: “Majority now believe that Joe Biden is kind of an idiot: Poll.”

It is Pew Research that documented assessments of Biden’s personal traits, warning they “have become less positive.”

“While majorities say he stands up for what he believes in (60%) and cares about the needs of ordinary people (54%), larger shares described Biden in these terms six months ago (66% and 62%, respectively,” the poll analysis noted.

Further, and significantly, it continued, “Biden receives his least positive assessments for being mentally sharp. Currently, 43% say this describes Biden very or fairly well, an 11-point decline since March.”

In fact, 56% of the respondents said that describes him not well, including 35% who say “not at all well.” (Read more from “Report on Poll: Majority Thinks Biden ‘Is Kind of an Idiot'” HERE)

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