Report: Video Coming That Reveals Georgia’s ‘Ballot Traffickers’

. . .Now comes a charge that the problem could have been even worse: “Ballot traffickers” who traveled the state on election night emptying backpacks stuffed with ballots into drop boxes – all while wearing gloves.

The issue was raised by radio host John Fredericks, who said it was brought to his attention by Heather Mullins from Real Americas Voice. . .

“There are basically about 240 what I’m gonna call ballot traffickers in Georgia. What they did is went around to the drop boxes all over the state with each of them averaging about 24 drop boxes. … They would go there in the middle of the night and empty backpacks with gloves on, into these drop boxes,” he explained.

He said such ballot “harvesting” would be totally illegal in Georgia.

The Gateway Pundit summarized the issue: “The leftist operatives were identified making numerous drops in the middle of the night. they were filmed emptying their backpacks into the drop boxes in the middle of the night. (Read more from “Report: Video Coming That Reveals Georgia’s ‘Ballot Traffickers’” HERE)

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