Researchers Predict Steady Decline in COVID Cases Through March — Without Any ‘Significant Winter Surge’

A group of researchers that advises the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted this week that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic could be over — and said that a steady decline in confirmed coronavirus cases through March could very well be on the horizon.

The pandemic, according to a consortium of researchers advising the CDC, appears to have either peaked or be close to peaking, as they predict cases will fall this autumn and into the winter months.

The Delta variant surge also appears to be peaking nationally, according to the group’s predictions, and the country is reportedly not likely to see a “significant winter surge.”

A Wednesday report from NPR noted, “For its latest update, which it will release Wednesday, the COVID-19 Scenario Modeling Hub combined nine different mathematical models from different research groups to get an outlook for the pandemic for the next six months.”

Justin Lessler of the University of North Carolina — who helps to run the hub — told the news organization, “Any of us who have been following this closely, given what happened with Delta, are going to be really cautious about too much optimism. But I do think that the trajectory is towards improvement for most of the country.” (Read more from “Researchers Predict Steady Decline in COVID Cases Through March — Without Any ‘Significant Winter Surge'” HERE)

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