Vaccine Mandates Are Their Dumbest Move Yet, but They Keep Doubling-Down

Nothing about our overlords’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic has made any sense, so why should we expect any more in their approach to vaccines? Ever true to form, they have bungled and stumbled their way into not just failing to end the pandemic, but creating historic mistrust of the medical establishment in an ever-growing segment of the population. These geniuses have also succeeded in turning what was once a tiny faction of anti-vaxxers into what could very well be becoming a burgeoning political movement. Nice job, pinheads.

How did something that most of the world thought would be a shining bright spot in a sea of darkness over the past year and a half turn into – like masking – yet another highly charged political issue? It wasn’t supposed to be this way, obviously, and it wouldn’t have been this way had the vaccines worked as advertised to us in the Spring, when people were lining up to get the jab and Covid rates were so low the CDC was even forced to temporarily do away with masking recommendations (but only for the vaccinated, wink wink). Sure, there were rumblings from former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson about disturbing data from Israel, but the rest of us were all but certain the worst was behind us and normal life was just around the corner.

Then, the freight train hit. Turns out, Berenson was right, yet again, as he has been virtually the entirety of this pandemic. (These days Twitter doesn’t censor and ban people for being WRONG, but rather for being TOO RIGHT about the WRONG THING.) The vaccines were leaky as a sieve, and reinfections and transmissions among the vaccinated were increasing at an alarming rate. Almost overnight, the messaging went from vaccines preventing contraction and transmission to keeping people out of the hospital and the morgue. And even then, only for a few months until you get your booster.

Remember those long car lines and your Branch Covidian Facebook friends posting about how they couldn’t wait until their age group was called, then later posting disturbing pictures of their ‘Fauci ouchie’ band-aids right beside their even more disturbing Dr. Fauci bobblehead dolls? In a period of weeks, we saw a medical intervention go from being in peak demand to President Puddinhead’s patience with a third of the population “wearing thin.” The carrot hasn’t worked, so now they’re moving to the stick.

But why? Why does the entire population need to be jabbed with a shot that only protects them, especially one with such a high side effect profile? It might be one thing if the vaccines actually did prevent contraction and especially transmission of a virus deadly enough to warrant such measures. If these were sterile vaccines and the disease were more dangerous than the relatively mild (for the vast majority) Covid-19, there *could* be a case for mandates. We could debate it and I might disagree, but there would at least be a case. For example, it would have been difficult to argue against a vaccine mandate for smallpox, which killed 30% of those who contracted it and was stopped dead in its tracks by the vax. (Read more from “Vaccine Mandates Are Their Dumbest Move Yet, but They Keep Doubling-Down” HERE)

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