Biden’s Court-Packing Commission Blames Republicans for Polarization Over Judiciary

President Joe Biden’s commission on expanding (or “packing”) the Supreme Court issued a set of draft documents Thursday that blamed Republicans for current polarization over the judiciary, due to their refusal to confirm Merrick Garland in 2016.

The “discussion materials,” released Thursday afternoon ahead of a day-long public hearing on Friday, include a potted history of congressional tinkering with the courts, and consider a variety of reforms, including term limits for the Court.

In a document on the “genesis of the reform debate,” the commission largely ignores Democrats’ efforts to politicize the confirmation process, from the battles over Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to eliminate the filibuster rule for lower-level judicial nominees so that Democrats could push nominees through.

The commission also ignores how decades of liberal judicial activism on social issues undermined the courts’ legitimacy among many Americans, and it neglects President Barack Obama’s public rebukes of the Supreme Court on multiple occasions, including during his State of the Union address in 2010, when the justices were prevented from responding. (Read more from “Biden’s Court-Packing Commission Blames Republicans for Polarization Over Judiciary” HERE)

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