Judge Rejects Husband’s Plea for Ivermectin for Critically Ill Wife

A Florida judge, deeming that it was inappropriate for him to be determining the level of dosage of Ivermectin for a critically ill woman, rejected for the second time in three days a petition from the woman’s husband requesting that the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center administer Ivermectin.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge James Nutt requested that Ryan Drock and the hospital try to resolve the dispute themselves, arguing, “The parties are directed to confer and, if possible, agree how this matter can expeditiously proceed to final resolution,” The Palm Beach Post reported, adding, “If the correct legal papers are ‘squared away,’ Nutt said he would be willing to hold a hearing to explore why Drock, who is in the intensive-care unit tethered to oxygen, might benefit from ivermectin.” . . .

The Daily Beast reported:

Though Nutt suggested he would consider a request for a temporary injunction “given the gravity and urgency of the case,” he hinted that it could also be unsuccessful in court. “It is not a right to substitute one’s judgment as to which treatments must [be] made available by others,” said the judge. “There is no right, constitutional or otherwise, of a patient to substitute one’s judgment for a medical professional.”

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