Analysis: New American Civil War ‘Not Terribly Unlikely’

Under a Joe Biden presidency, the nation was told during his campaign, there would be new “unity,” a new moderate path that would bring Americans together into one big happy family. Out with the years of “division” under President’s Trump’s successful economic plans, his border security efforts, even his “Abraham Accords” bringing new levels of security in the Middle East.

Then Biden was inaugurated and came the southern border illegal alien crisis, the attacks on the pro-lifers in America, the Afghanistan disaster, inflation, a developing energy crisis, and more. He even apparently dozed off while attending the recent Glasgow climate summit.

Actually, that idea of unity is so far from the truth a columnist now has contributed a piece to the Daily Mail that actually raises the prospect of a new civil conflict in the nation, a development described as “not terribly unlikely.”

The warning comes from freelance write Malcom Kyeyune, who lives in Uppsala, Sweden.

“How likely is it that there will be some sort of civil conflict in the near or mid future for the United States?” he wrote. “Unfortunately, the correct answer here may very well be that it is not terribly unlikely.” (Read more from “Analysis: New American Civil War ‘Not Terribly Unlikely'” HERE)

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