Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Co-Founder Wants Trump to Run Again in 2024

The Lincoln Project, the fiercely anti-Trump group that reviles the former president as a dangerous authoritarian, revealed last week its goal is to get Trump to run again in 2024.

CNN reported Friday on alleged tension between former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over their potential 2024 presidential runs, and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson discussed the left-wing group’s attempts to use this tension in their marketing.

Wilson described a commercial set to air in Palm Beach – home of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago – that will frame DeSantis as the GOP “It guy” in an effort to annoy Trump. From there, he admitted that the group’s goal is ultimately to push Trump as the sole Republican candidate in 2024.

“We want Trump to kill his own babies,” Wilson said. “We believe if we narrow the field and it’s only Trump in 2024, it’s an easy choice for Americans to say ‘no.'” (Read more from “Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Co-Founder Wants Trump to Run Again in 2024” HERE)

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