Expert: U.S. Has ‘No Choice’ but to Go All Out Against Xi Jinping

China has been rattling its sabers, and other articles of war for several years already in what appears to be a longterm plan to take Taiwan by one means or another.

But with Joe Biden now in the White House, and a new level of weakness on foreign policy being transmitted daily, it would surprise few if that move by the Communist regime in Beijing happens sooner rather than later.

Which means that the United States “has no choice but to go all out and do what it can to rein in Xi Jinping’s ambitions.”

That’s according to Chris King, a senior research fellow at the Middle East Media Research Institute.

He explained the tripartite China-U.S.-Taiwan game “will certainly be fierce,” and actually already has begun. (Read more from “Expert: U.S. Has ‘No Choice’ but to Go All Out Against Xi Jinping” HERE)

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