Former NBA Star Accuses Rittenhouse Critics of ‘Getting Paid to Push This Racist S***’

A basketball star sounded off about the politicization of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, saying critics are getting paid by “talking about how racist it is.”

Former National Basketball Association player Kwame Brown, 39, defended Rittenhouse, saying he was acting in self-defense. Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges Friday regarding the shooting deaths of two rioters and wounding of a third in the wake of Jacob Blake’s police shooting.

“That — to me, in my opinion — looked like self-defense. The courts found it as self-defense,” he said Monday. “The only bad thing is that he had to sit in jail for so long because they made something political that shouldn’t have been political. If you’re going to give the boy the gun charge, give him the damn gun charge, or let the boy out.” . . .

Instead of seeing the teenager’s trial objectively, critics just want to racialize it, Brown said. None of the victims were people of color. . .

“A bunch of people are getting paid to push this racist s***. That’s all it is,” he continued. “These motherf*****s ain’t got no lane they’re in — they really don’t got nothing to say. The only thing they get paid off of is talking about how racist it is. Them motherf*****s got good cars, good houses, good everything telling you how bad it is. Motherf*****, it don’t look bad. You’re driving a Benz, you’re g****** flying all over the world, you have speaking engagements, you motherf*****s got black ties and security and s***. How you motherf*****s so bad off?” (Read more from “Former NBA Star Accuses Rittenhouse Critics of ‘Getting Paid to Push This Racist S***’” HERE)

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