Left Wing Billionaire Is Targeting Facebook in Funding Campaign

Left-wing billionaire Pierre Omidyar is funding a constellation of advocacy organizations and campaigns targeting tech giant Facebook for its alleged harms to users, including the proliferation of “hate speech” and “misinformation” on its platform.

Omidyar, the founder of eBay, has long been a vocal critic of Facebook and major tech companies in general, funding research into how best to break up the tech giant and providing financial backing for advocacy group “The Real Facebook Oversight Board” that publishes frequent criticism of it.

Omidyar’s crusade against Facebook garnered recent attention following a report by Politico that Omidyar was providing funding and strategic support to former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who has testified before the Senate and other legislative bodies around the world calling for stricter regulation of the tech giant. Haugen also leaked internal Facebook documents and communications to The Wall Street Journal, and filed several whistleblower complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleging Facebook misled its investors by failing to adequately disclose its platforms’ negative effects.

Omidyar serves as chair of philanthropy organization Luminate, which is currently providing strategic government relations and media support to Haugen. Luminate and the Omidyar Network, one of Omidyar’s grant-making organizations, are also funding Reset, an anti-Big Tech group led by former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser Ben Scott which is assisting Haugen in her lobbying efforts. (Read more from “Left Wing Billionaire Is Targeting Facebook in Funding Campaign” HERE)

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