State Trooper Banished by Cuomo Amid Dating Daughter Set to Be Promoted

Their careers are headed in different directions.

State trooper Dane Pfeiffer — the love interest of one of disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daughters who was a member of his security detail before the disapproving dad banished him to the Canadian border — is being promoted to sergeant and sent to New York City, The Post has learned.

Pfeiffer’s elevation in the ranks of the New York State Police will take effect on Thanksgiving Day as the jobless former chief executive continues facing the fallout for a myriad of documented misdeeds.

“Effective 11/25, Dane Pfeiffer will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and transferred to Troop NYC. This was the result of a competitive exam,” a state police source familiar with the process told The Post on Wednesday. . .

In October 2020, The Post exclusively reported Cuomo requested that Pfeiffer, 36, be transferred from his security detail after he found out about his romance with Cara Kennedy Cuomo, his then-25-year-old daughter. (Read more from “State Trooper Banished by Cuomo Amid Dating Daughter Set to Be Promoted” HERE)

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