Report: Woman Pulls Loaded Gun on 7-Year-Old Trick-Or-Treater

Authorities arrested a Texas woman after she allegedly pointed a loaded gun at a 7-year-old trick-or-treater on Halloween, KTBC-TV reported. . .

Deputies arrived at the home of Buda, Texas, resident Monica Ann Bradford after she reportedly pointed a loaded gun at an unnamed child who was walking in front of her property.

Witnesses said they saw Bradford yelling at and threatening adolescent passersby during the neighborhood trick-or-treating festivities before she grabbed her gun and pointed it at a child.

Neighbor Connie Medina said that she was shocked to learn of the unfolding situation — especially considering Bradford’s front porch light was on, an apparent indicator that she was accepting trick-or-treaters. (Read more from “Report: Woman Pulls Loaded Gun on 7-Year-Old Trick-Or-Treater” HERE)

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