Biden’s COVID Incompetence, Hypocrisy and Fact-Spinning Are Only Making Things Worse

You can’t blame Joe Biden for the COVID pandemic any more than you can blame Donald Trump, yet when it comes to fighting the virus, the current prez seems to be doing more wrong things than right — and then spinning facts to deflect criticism.

Perhaps that explains some of the recent chaos across the nation, particularly among people trying to get tested for the virus.

On Monday, for example, Biden simply denied a report that his team rejected a plan in October to produce 732 million free, at-home COVID-19 test kits by Christmas. If true, that now seems like a mistake.

According to the Vanity Fair report, the White House told the experts who’d developed the plan that it wouldn’t adopt it. One expert, Dr. Steven Phillips, accused Team Biden of “playing small ball.”

The White House’s claim that it didn’t reject the plan was downright lame: “The characterization of ‘rejection’ is not an accurate reflection of a productive meeting, and, in fact, we are implementing many measures that were discussed as capacity now allows us to do,” a spokesperson said. Plus, for the past few weeks, Biden has been expressing regret for not acting more quickly to make tests more widely available. (Read more from “Biden’s COVID Incompetence, Hypocrisy and Fact-Spinning Are Only Making Things Worse” HERE)

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