Pelosi Says She’ll Never Forgive President Trump and His ‘Lackeys’ (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s religion apparently aligns closely with her politics. . .

Specifically, she has stated she’ll never forgive President Trump, his “lackeys” and his “bullies” for last January 6.

That’s when Trump held a rally in Washington, and hundreds of attendees marched to the Capitol. . .

“I’ll never forgive president — former president of the United States and his lackeys and his bullies that he sent to the Capitol for the trauma that he — that wasn’t what was exerted on our staff,” she said. “These are young, largely younger people who come with the idealism to work in the Capitol on either side of the aisle and whatever it is. And for us to sign up for this when we run for office, it’s bad enough for our families to see the danger we’re in.”

The January 6 events prompted Pelosi’s second attempt to impeach and remove the president, which failed like the first.

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