Scientists: ‘Young Blood’ Contains a Substance That Regenerates Aging Muscles

Dracula may have been onto something, as a new study finds “young blood” could reverse the aging process. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center find that transfusions of serum may hold the key to preventing age-related diseases – including Alzheimer’s.

In experiments, giving older mice transfusions of certain proteins in blood plasma from youthful peers regenerated the rodents’ muscle cells. . .

Study authors find that “circulating shuttles” called extracellular vesicles (or EVs) deliver genetic instructions to a longevity protein known as Klotho. The team discovered older mice had fewer of these proteins than their younger counterparts. This may hold the key to why muscle power dwindles with age. The study builds on decades of research on mice showing young blood restores youthful features to cells and tissues.

“We wondered if extracellular vesicles might contribute to muscle regeneration because these couriers travel between cells via the blood and other bodily fluids,” says lead author Dr. Amrita Sahu. “Like a message in a bottle, EVs deliver information to target cells.”

The researchers collected serum samples from young mice. When they injected the young blood into aging mice, injured muscles regenerated and recovered their youthful function. Those receiving a placebo treatment remained frail. (Read more from “Scientists: ‘Young Blood’ Contains a Substance That Regenerates Aging Muscles” HERE)

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