Will The UK Mandate COVID Vaccines And Become A Two-Tier Society?

Americans may wonder how their Revolutionary nemesis across the pond is faring in the battle between COVID restrictions and civil liberties. Well, the world is being drowned in a rising tide of two-tier medical apartheid — and Britain is no longer exempt.

It began with retired doctor David Lloyd endorsing the United Kingdom following Austria, Germany, and Greece in imposing indefinite lockdowns and punitive fines on people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. Then “Good Morning Britain”ran a Twitter poll asking viewers if the government should make vaccination mandatory. The poll registered 89 percent of 42,663 votes against and was deleted.

Then Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a press conference that vaccine passports would be introduced in response to the Omicron variant (which the U.K. reported its first death with this week). Despite promises that COVID certification will only apply to nightclubs, we’ve seen the scheme expanded to other venues in neighboring nations Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, across Europe, and in New York. . .

Afterwards, academics, journalists, and Baroness Karen Brady appropriated the Soviet’s antisemitic term “refuseniks” to condemn those unwilling to take a COVID vaccine. The apparatuses of state, media, and academia moved in lockstep to normalize the punishment, ostracism, and confiscation of bodily autonomy from the unvaccinated.

As somebody who cannot take any of the offered booster jabs, it terrifies me that health-care workers — whom the British public venerated every Thursday evening during the pandemic — and so-called “libertarian” politicians now support making me a second-class citizen due to my medical condition. (Read more from “Will the UK Mandate COVID Vaccines and Become a Two-Tier Society?” HERE)

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