Bidenflation Sends a Stumbling, Bumbling Biden Desperately Searching for Distractions

Even as President Joe Biden was spewing deplorable falsehoods about his political opponents in Atlanta, the chickens of his administration’s economy were coming home to roost. Wednesday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report on inflation, revealing last month’s 7% inflation rate, sets yet another 40-year record, harkening back to the bad old days of double-digit interest rates and Paul Volcker’s bitter medicine for the economy of the early 1980s.

With this week’s report, it is clear that the Biden economy is in an inflation crisis. It is a crisis that neither Biden nor his useless Twitter-addicted senior staff has any clue how to fix. But they have all kinds of ideas about how to make it even worse. . .

But even as Biden tries his 79-year-old best to sound like his heart is in it, his rhetoric practically glows from its insincerity. It is hard to believe that a president proving to be such a disappointment in so many areas — foreign policy, immigration, the pandemic, the supply crisis, and the economy — is now attempting a massive power grab in the Senate so he can rig elections in his party’s favor and do even more damage to the economy through inflationary spending with the barest of legislative majorities.

Fortunately, Biden does not even have simple-majority support for this endeavor nor the full backing of his own party. This makes his push to destroy all the checks and balances on his power within the Senate even more absurd and needlessly divisive than it is. (Read more from “Bidenflation Sends a Stumbling, Bumbling Biden Desperately Searching for Distractions” HERE)

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