Gamer Breaks Neck While Wearing Virtual Reality Headset

A German gamer has broken his neck while wearing a virtual reality headset after he moved too “intensely.”

Doctors claim the 31-year-old’s “repetitive” movements led to the neck being damaged — before part of the bone finally “cracked.”

The man went to the hospital after experiencing a piercing pain in his shoulders.

X-ray scans later revealed the man had fractured his C7 neck vertebra — which sits near the base of the neck above the shoulders.

Experts from the University of Leipzig Hospital, who treated the gamer, believe it is the world’s first documented of VR-related “stress fracture.”

Researchers say the unidentified man’s injury resembled ones seen in runners and soldiers as detailed in a medical journal, MailOnline found. (Read more from “Gamer Breaks Neck While Wearing Virtual Reality Headset” HERE)

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