Doctors Use Virtual Reality Tech to Help Separate Conjoined Twins

Three-year-old twins Bernardo and Arthur Lima were separated by a medical team in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, with the assistance of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, becoming the oldest pair of craniopagus conjoined twins to have ever been separated.

The pair underwent seven surgeries, and the final surgery alone took 27 hours to complete, as well as the efforts of more than 100 medical professionals.

The team spent months practicing for the surgery using virtual reality projections of the twins, using both CT and MRI scans of the cranial area as a base. During the simulated surgeries, doctors from both countries wore virtual reality headsets and operated together in a “virtual reality room” for the first time.

Surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani described the procedure as “space-age stuff.”

“It’s just wonderful,” he said. “It’s really great to see the anatomy and do the surgery before you actually put the children at any risk. You can imagine how reassuring that is for the surgeons.” (Read more from “Doctors Use Virtual Reality Tech to Help Separate Conjoined Twins” HERE)

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