Man Receives Life Sentence After Killing Friend Over Mayonnaise

An Iowa man received a life sentence Monday after he ran over and killed his friend with his truck following a bar fight that started when he put mayonnaise on his friend’s food.

Kristofer Erlbacher received the life sentence for a deadly incident that started Dec. 17, 2020, while he and the victim, Caleb Solberg, were at a bar with a third person. Erlbacher spread mayonnaise on Solberg’s food, prompting Solberg to punch him and the violence to escalate from there, according to the Des Moines Register. . .

After that fight stopped, Erlbacher left the café, got into his 2001 Chevrolet pickup truck and used it to crash into Pryor’s vehicle while Pryor occupied it, the Des Moines Register reported. He then slammed his truck again into the vehicle when Pryor left the vehicle to survey the damage, according to a criminal complaint.

Erlbacher later crashed his vehicle into Solberg, who did not die in the first collision, according to the Des Moines Register. Erlbacher crashed into Solberg a second time before running over him again. Solberg died of his injuries. (Read more from “Man Receives Life Sentence After Killing Friend Over Mayonnaise” HERE)

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