Ukraine: Blundering Toward Apocalypse?

Having an open mind on the Ukraine situation earned me some gratuitous insults last week. Seems Putin (aka “Putrid”) is “exactly like Adolph Hitler” (which somehow means he wants to conquer Europe and put the communist Soviet Union & Eastern Block back together). And I am “exactly like Neville Chamberlain, willing to sell out your fellow man’s freedom for peace in our time.” An otherwise reasonable person wrote that. Guess I missed “Putrid” murdering millions in death camps. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky, aka Mr. Freedom, who has actual Nazi battalions in his army, banned a dozen dissident political parties and two TV stations.

The vibe around the Ukraine situation feels a lot like the vibe leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Dictator Saddam was portrayed as a middle-east Adolph Hitler, murdering babies, grave threat to the USA etc. We were lied to about the WMDs and alleged terror training camps. None existed. In fact, Saddam had Christians in his cabinet and was standing on the necks of the Jihadis, who were a threat to his rule. If he’d had WMDs he would’ve used them. Nothing to lose once the invasion started. Thanks to the Bush administration’s lies, over 6,000 American warriors died for nothing, 60,000 maimed, probably $10 Trillion wasted-stolen-pocketed, over $100,000 from each taxpaying American. Our invasion of Iraq caused vastly more death and destruction than Saddam ever did or ever would have. And hundreds of thousands of Christians were displaced, many of whom had their heads displaced, Christian communities destroyed that had survived for 2000 years in Iraq.

Back then, for questioning the Iraq invasion and subsequent corrupt “nationbuilding” quagmire, I was lumped in as “You, Dan Rather, Jane Fonda, and Tom Brokoff (sic).”

Once again, those who would save America First as a priority, who question the USA nannying the world while our country and economy are destroyed from within and invaded from without, are called disloyal, dismissed for being reticent to threaten and confront Russia over Ukraine, the assumption being that Russia’s nuclear capability is a bluff.

What if it’s not a bluff? What’s the cost to humanity? Our leaders have been very wrong about the thinking of nuclear powers in the past. See Catastrophic thinking on nuclear weapons, by Dominic Cummings, 3-18-2022[.]

Some conservatives (and all neo”conservatives”) say “we” should confront Putin. But “we” is the same Obama-Biden-Harris-Milley-Vanilli team they correctly ream for the disastrous Afghan withdrawal that left $80 billion in weapons for the terror sponsors we supposedly went in to oust 20 years ago, achieving nothing but another 6,000 dead and 60,000 maimed Americans and more trillions wasted-stolen-pocketed. Neo”cons” actually trust these clowns to confront a nuclear power in wartime as a co-belligerent without getting us all killed. And they call you a traitor if you question it. See Biden’s Reckless Words Underscore the Dangers of the U.S.’s Use of Ukraine As a Proxy War, by Glenn Greenwald, 3-27-2022[.]

The tens of trillions of dollars squandered by big government in wars, “nationbuilding”, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, blocking oil production, destroying small businesses, and paying people people not to work is the cause of the current inflation and $6 gasoline, crushing the middle & lower income classes.

It’s abundantly clear Obama-Biden-Harris-Clinton and their neo”con” allies provoked Russia’s invasion with their 2014 Ukrainian coup d’etat, threatening to put Ukraine in NATO, running bio-weapon labs in Ukraine etc. See Oliver Stone’s documentaries and any number of articles, including:

Professor John Mearsheimer Explains Who Is Responsible for the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

If our warmongers wanted to allow it, the crisis could still be ended by letting Ukraine become a neutral non-NATO country. Their goal is to sacrifice Ukraine as a tool for Russian regime change, further threatening Putin. And the sanctions are just as likely to exacerbate the war as end it. See Reporting from Moscow: Sanctions May Achieve the Opposite of Biden’s Stated Long-Term Goals, by Dimitri Simes Jr., 3-27-2022[.]

Finally, our “cheap labor” ruling elites are using the Ukraine crisis they provoked as an excuse to import millions of Ukrainian “refugees” even though Europe has already offered to take them all, thereby accelerating the already crushing hikes in our cost of land, gasoline, and “housing”.

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