Despicable: School District Forces Radical LGBTQ Ideology on Preschoolers as Young as 3

An Illinois school district is promoting homosexual and “transgender” ideology to students from preschool as part of an “LGBTQ+ Equity Week” program, instructing young students that there are more than two sexes while idolizing notorious sexual predator and homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

Independent journalist Christopher F. Rufo last week reported on an almost 300-page series of documents for teaching staff at the Evanston-Skokie School District in Illinois that outlines a curriculum to implement its “LGBTQ+ Equity Week” program during April, which the district has designated as “LGBTQ+ equity month.”

The program encourages children as young as three years old to “break down gender stereotypes” and to overcome “binary biases” when it comes to male and female human sexuality.

Children in pre-kindergarten classrooms are to be taught the LGBT vision of the rainbow-colored “pride” flag based on the story of political activist Harvey Milk, and that there are people who do not conform to the nature of male or female, describing people who feel this way as “non-binary or queer.”

Continuing, materials within the curriculum documents include posters depicting “two daddies” and “two mommies,” with instructions that the descriptions of “gay” and “lesbian” form “important vocabulary” for the youngest children. (read more about the radical LGBTQ ideology HERE)