Giant Sea Monster Found at 9000 Feet in the Alps, May Be the Largest Animal to Ever Exist

A giant monster that could be the largest animal that ever lived, has been unearthed high up in the Alps.

Scientists are saying that the 205 million year old ichthyosaur was larger than a blue whale. The huge marine creature was identified from fossils representing three individuals that included massive teeth and vertebrae.

They were dug out of rocks at an huge altitude of more than 9,000 feet in Switzerland. . .

[One of the team member’s called Dr Heinz Furrer is a retired curator at the University of Zurich’s Palaeontological Institute and Museum] said: “We think that the big ichthyosaurs followed schools of fish into the lagoon. The fossils may also derive from strays that died there.

“You have to be kind of a mountain goat to access the relevant beds. They have the vexing property of not occurring below about 8,000 feet, way above the treeline. (Read more about the giant sea monster found high above tree line in the Alps HERE)