Is This the Supreme Court Leaker?

. . .Will Chamberlain of the Internet Accountability Project and Human Events had a lengthy Twitter thread about who this leaker could be and zeroed in on Elizabeth Deutsch. It’s pure speculation based on information from the public domain, but after he makes his case—it sort of sounds like she could fit the bill. She’s a current law clerk for Justice Breyer. Chamberlain leaves it open that he could be wrong about her, but let’s go through what he found:

Here’s where things start to get interesting. Every law student has to write a note – a long legal research paper, usually making a novel argument about the law.

Elizabeth Deutsch wrote hers about reproductive rights and abortion.

Specifically, she argued that Obamacare’s non-discrimination provision should be interpreted to force Catholic hospitals to perform “emergency abortions.”

Aggressive argument – and hey, law students make aggressive arguments.

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