Target Collaborates With ‘Queer-Owned’ Brand to Sell Chest Binders

Target stores, which are no stranger to political controversy, are wading in the waters yet again, collaborating with what has been described as “queer-owned” brands to assist in normalizing radical transgender ideology by selling chest binders — apparel to flatten women’s chests.

Target recently collaborated with the brand TomboyX, which identifies itself as a brand that is “passionate about fostering acceptance and equality.”

“We are a queer-founded brand dedicated to empowering our LGBTQ+ community year-round, and advocating for equal representation and celebration of all people,” the brand states, offering products for “all bodies and needs, of all sizes and across the gender spectrum.” “Gender Euphoria” is one of its signature collections, and includes “tucking” bikini bottoms as well as “compression” tops, or chest binders.

A brief search on Target’s website shows some of the pieces the department store offers as part of the collaboration, including “pride” packing underwear, “pride” bras, and a $25.00 “compression top,” or chest binder. (Read more from “Target Collaborates With ‘Queer-Owned’ Brand to Sell Chest Binders” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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