Google ‘Infiltrated by Religious Cult,’ Ex-Employee Claims in Lawsuit

Google has been accused of employing a large number of people belonging to an unusual religious group in California. The Fellowship of Friends is a group that believes most of us are living in a state of “waking sleep.”

According to the New York Times, the Fellowship of Friends is a “cult-like religious sect” that’s infiltrated Google. The group has reportedly gained a powerful position at the tech giant and has started to hire more members of the “cult-like sect.” The New York Times says the takeover has been happening for years. . .

The group is also known as Living Presence and the Fourth Way School. It has faced multiple damning accusations in the past and the new lawsuit accuses it of having a history of sex trafficking.

The Fellowship was founded by Robert Earl Burton in 1970. He predicted that civilization is doomed and his group aims to form a new civilization after the one we know now is over. (Read more from “Google ‘Infiltrated by Religious Cult,’ Ex-Employee Claims in Lawsuit” HERE)

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