Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Kurka Compares Dunleavy and Pierce to Pontious Pilot: Declares Them Unfit for Service

In the same week the U.S. Supreme Court announced its watershed decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and to give the issue back to states to decide for themselves, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy issued a statement in which he washed his hands of any executive power, authority, or commitment to use his position to stop the killing of preborn children in Alaska.

Likewise in a statement released to the Alaska Watchman, Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Pierce refused to make any commitment to defend the pre-born, or to state that the practice abortion is even wrong.

When asked to weigh-in concerning his opponents’ abortion statements, pro-life champion and Gubernatorial Candidate Christopher Kurka said, “What further proof is needed for Alaskans to realize Dunleavy and Pierce are not conservatives? They are both spineless cowards. SCOTUS just told them ‘You decide the legality of abortion in your own state’ and they retreated from the field before the fight against the murderous left in this state has even begun!”

Presenting copies of an “Alaska Right to Life, PAC Personhood Candidate Pledge,” signed by Governor Dunleavy on February 23, 2012, and on June 17, 2014; Kurka said, “Mike Dunleavy refuses to stop state funding for abortion and is a Liar, Oath Breaker, and Coward who must be stripped of the honor of serving a second term as Alaska’s Governor.”

According to the Pledge, which is routinely given to candidates seeking the Alaska Right to Life Endorsement and the support of Pro-life Voters, the document specifically spells-out that the petitioning candidate promises to, “affirm my support for a Human Life Amendment to the Alaska Constitution and other legislation and actions that would support these principals.”

To drive his point home for pro-life voters who may remain undecided on who to vote for, Kurka made a historical comparison to another governor stating:

“Community leaders and legal elites once asked a Roman Governor to make a difficult moral decision; to either defend the life of an innocent man, or release a murderous man from prison, and turn the innocent man over to the mob to be murdered. Though he knew it was wrong to turn the man over, he ignored his conscience and his duty to govern justly, literally washing his hands of the matter, he told the mob ‘You decide.’ As potential Governors of Alaska, both Dunleavy and Pierce have already communicated they will follow the example set by Governor Pilot so many years ago.”

According to Kurka, “A vote for the Kurka/Hueper ticket is a vote for Life. If you want more broken promises and death vote for Charlie and Mike.

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