If Dems Were Serious, Adam Schiff Wouldn’t Be on Jan. 6 Committee

The day Adam Schiff was named to the “Jan. 6” committee is the day we knew the investigation was going to be a frivolous partisan sideshow. As a political strategy, placing an inveterate fabulist like Schiff on the committee only ensured that it wouldn’t have credibility with Republicans—presumably the people Democrats want to convince.

With dwindling national interest in the proceedings, Schiff went on TV this weekend and announced that the Jan. 6 Committee was in possession of evidence that Donald Trump had hatched a “fake elector plot” (another scheme that had absolutely no chance of working. The more we see the evidence, the more it’s apparent that the system was working). When asked to clarify his contention, Schiff said he did not “want to get ahead of our hearing.” Priming your base for Trump’s arrest—again— is almost surely getting beyond the hearings. But then, Democrats have been overplaying the Trump hand since 2015. The Jan. 6 Committee has become a political version of “Lost,” always a cliffhanger and never a payoff.

What we do know is that Schiff says he has evidence he probably doesn’t. Let’s remember, Schiff was the one who read the Steele Dossier, among other fabrications, into the congressional record—even though he was aware that it was a partisan oppo file paid for by the DNC and shopped by Hillary Clinton partisans with her blessing. On numerous occasions, and with great certitude, Schiff told the media that the central assertion of the dossier was not only conceivable because of Trump’s words, but a fact. And not only did he famously claim to be in personal possession of a “smoking gun” that would prove collusion, he said he had an “abundance” of incriminating evidence.

As the fake Russiagate story fizzled out, Schiff refused to share proof of a seditious, clandestine plot against America. Not in his speeches. Not in Congress. Not on CNN. Not in his self-serving memoir. When then-“View” co-host Meghan McCain asked Schiff about it, the congressman said it had been in “plain sight” the entire time, which is opposite of what he asserted previously. (Read more from “If Dems Were Serious, Adam Schiff Wouldn’t Be on Jan. 6 Committee” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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