State Department Warns Russia: Attack on Lithuania Is Attack on U.S.

A new Russian threat to target “the residents of Lithuania” has drawn a sharp reminder of the American pledge to fight alongside any NATO allies that might come under attack.

“Lithuania is a member of the NATO alliance,” State Department spokesman Ned Price emphasized. ”We stand by the commitments that we have made to the NATO alliance. That includes, of course, a commitment to Article 5: That is the bedrock of the NATO alliance.”

Price prefaced that warning with a dismissive remark about “Russian saber-rattling or Russian bluster.” The pairing would seem to reflect how unease about heightened military tensions around the war in Ukraine has been conditioned by the recognition that Russia is far likelier to use such threats for propaganda purposes than to risk a direct clash with the trans-Atlantic alliance.

“It seems like it’s partially a Russian influence operation or psyops a little bit,” a senior European official told the Washington Examiner. (Read more from “State Department Warns Russia: Attack on Lithuania Is Attack on U.S.” HERE)

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