Would-Be Gas Thief Lights Himself on Fire

A would-be gas thief was forced to beat a heated retreat after he caught fire while trying to steal from a parked truck in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The thief was attempting to siphon gas from a box truck parked outside Summit Fire and Protection in Salt Lake City when he caught fire and was forced to run away from the truck, local NBC affiliate KSL-TV reported. The incident occurred in broad daylight Saturday morning.

Surveillance video from the incident shows a man underneath the truck with a heavy-duty pickup truck alongside, its passenger door ajar. Suddenly, the would-be thief’s shirt catches fire. He slides out from underneath the truck, runs across the parking lot, and rolls on the asphalt in an attempt to put out the fire. The suspect’s accomplice then scoops him up and they drive off.

“The reason why he’s fleeing is that, if there were more gas in it than a gallon, this thing would have absolutely turned into a bomb,” Travis Mills, branch manager of Summit, told KSL. “It’s sad because times are tough for a lot of people, but it’s not worth the $5 that he would have saved for the injury that the guy sustained.”

The thief caught fire because he was trying to drill into the gas tank. “The guy tried to siphon gas out of it and he wasn’t getting the siphon to work,” Mills said. “So he decided to drill the gas tank, and that’s when he caught on fire.” (Read more from “Would-Be Gas Thief Lights Himself on Fire” HERE)

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