Chinese Military Set to Repeat Some of Russia’s Invasion Mistakes

Chinese military logistics appear to suffer from some of the flaws that weakened Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Defense Department analysts.

A sophisticated analysis of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s public discourse and practical actions shows that Beijing is working to ensure that its forces can operate efficiently in a major war. That’s a difficult challenge given their lack of recent experience in such a large-scale conflict, and some current and former U.S. government analysts question whether Chinese military planners are prepared to subjugate Taiwan.

“Can the PLA really get its forces across [the Taiwan Strait], and if it gets them across, can it sustain them in combat on the island?” George Washington University’s Lonnie Henley, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer who retired from the government in 2019, said Tuesday. “I personally suspect that the PLA air force can only sustain their combat operations for about two weeks. But we really can’t answer that question because we don’t have the data, and we haven’t had the focus on those questions that we need in order to develop the data.”

“Feedback from PLA logisticians suggests that additional refinement and investment is required to overcome long-standing limitations of PLA supply in order to sustain ground forces in a maneuver conflict like that in Ukraine,” said Maj. James Roger “J.R.” Sessions, who was characterized as appearing at the Center for Strategic and International Studies event in his personal capacity. “PLA observers note myriad shortfalls in post-reform logistics that mirrors similar problems Russian forces reportedly have faced in Ukraine.” (Read more from “Chinese Military Set to Repeat Some of Russia’s Invasion Mistakes” HERE)

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