Man Fatally Shoots Daughter’s Intruding Ex-Boyfriend on Camera

A man who shot and killed an attempted intruder on July 31 will not face criminal charges in the state of Ohio.

James Rayl, 22, approached the man’s house, at first ringing the doorbell. Rayl was the ex-boyfriend of the man’s daughter, who’d reportedly broken up with him 18 months prior. Voices can be heard telling Rayl that his ex-girlfriend did not want to see or talk to him.

Next, Rayl begins attempting to open the door, slamming into it with his shoulder. A man’s voice, now known to be the father’s, warns him to stop because he has a gun. Rayl continues to attempt to break in before he is shot three times. The entire exchange was captured on video surveillance and even shows Rayl collapsing onto the driveway. Shelby County sheriff’s deputies reported the ex-boyfriend died at the scene.

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Photo credit: Flickr

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