Number of Americans Who Are ‘Suffering’ Reach Record Highs Under Biden

. . .American families tread water amid an administration oozing with incompetence. As this old man spews nonsense about how he’s presiding over the most outstanding economy ever created, the number of Americans saying they’re suffering has reached record highs (via Axios):

5.6% of Americans said they are “suffering” in July, up from the previous high of 4.8% measured in April.

July’s result is also higher than all previous estimates during the COVID-19 era, per Gallup.

The big picture: The percentage of U.S. adults classified as “thriving” has declined steadily since it reached a record high of 59.2% in June 2021.

July’s estimate of 51.2% adults classified as “thriving” is an 18-month low, per Gallup.

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