Ranked-Choice Voting Is a Nightmare — And It’s on the Ballot in Nevada

The electoral battleground of Nevada could become the next state to adopt a ranked-choice voting system for future primary and general elections.

Set to appear on the ballot for the upcoming midterm elections, the initiative — if successfully passed — would amend the constitution of Nevada by implementing a ranked-choice voting system for both state and federal primary and general elections, in which primaries “would be opened up to all voters regardless of political party.” Under such a system, voters would rank their top five preferred primary candidates, with the top five overall vote-getters advancing to the general contest.

In the general election, if a candidate fails to garner “an outright majority (more than 50 percent),” the candidate who has the “fewest first-preference votes would be eliminated, with their ‘votes’ redistributed based on the second preference of those individual ballots.” Such a process “would continue until the final two candidates, or when one candidate reached a majority.”

While largely ignored by America’s corporate press, the ballot initiative to completely overhaul Nevada’s election system has silently been gaining traction among state voters. During the first quarter of 2022, Nevada Voters First, a political action committee devoted to the expansion of ranked-choice voting in the state, and other supporters of the measure raised approximately $2.2 million to assist in advancing the passage of the initiative. Moreover, a recent survey of nearly 1,000 registered voters conducted by The Nevada Independent and OH Predictive Insights found growing support among Nevadans for ranked-choice voting, with 42 percent of those surveyed supporting the 2022 ballot initiative and 27 percent opposing. (Read more from “Ranked-Choice Voting Is a Nightmare — And It’s on the Ballot in Nevada” HERE)

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