Vladimir Putin’s Guru Says ‘Nuclear Apocalypse Likely’ if Russia Faces Ukraine Defeat

[One of President Putin’s closest advisers, Alexander] Dugin tweeted: “A very important decision has been taken and, it seems, not easily made. All our – unbearable, outrageous – sacrifices are not in vain. The state and the people are on the same side of the barricades.”

Dugin, who lost his daughter, Darya Dugina, 29, last month in a car bomb attack [sources in Ukraine and the United States have tried to blame Putin for the murder of Dugin’s daughter], tried to rally Russians to get behind Putin and the war effort.

He said: “After all, we are fighting on the side of God and heaven, on the side of earth and soul. That is why our native blood is donated, flowing directly from Russian hearts.”

While he said that the Ukraine conflict was turning into a world war he said that there were only three outcomes.

Looking at the possibility of defeat for Russia, he said: “It would mean not only the end of the regime, but the end of everything and everyone. It is essentially a scenario for the end of Russia, Finis Rossiae. If our retreat begins, everything will fall, for both external and internal causes.”

His second outcome was the “nuclear apocalypse”.

Dugin wrote: “The second scenario is a nuclear apocalypse. It is possible that Moscow, which is beginning to lose seriously, will decide to use nuclear weapons.

“Likely? Yes, probably. Is anyone in Russia considering this possibility? Undoubtedly. Russia could resort to nuclear weapons in other situations, since for Russia, both state and people, losing a war would mean total annihilation, and not just a severe but still tolerable defeat, which could be overcome, the nuclear scenario cannot be discarded.

“The West clearly underestimates this probability, considering it a bluff.”

Then his final outcome was for a Russian victory which would see the building of a “religious and spiritual” empire and the end of Western society.

He said: “The third scenario is the most important. In Russia, a revolution is taking place from above. Putin, who has already broken with the West, turns this total and irreversible rupture into an ideology, a course, a strategy and the sole guideline of existence.

“All compromises are abolished, Russia is openly becoming a people’s empire with a marked religious and social ethos. Liberalism and Westernism are banned.

“The state and the people regroup and the special military operation is transformed into a popular holy war. To be or not to be. That moment has arrived”. (Read more from “Vladimir Putin’s Guru Says ‘Nuclear Apocalypse Likely’ if Russia Faces Ukraine Defeat” HERE)

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