Joe Rogan Goes off on ‘Progressive Ideology’ Push in Schools, Drag Shows for Little Kids

Joe Rogan slammed educators pushing a “progressive ideology” in schools and said it’s not their job, mentioning things like drag queen shows for kids and sexually-charged books in some school districts.

During Spotify’s recent “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, the host spoke with guest comedian Dave Smith, and the two wondered how it was that people couldn’t agree that “sexualizing little kids” is wrong, whether it’s heterosexual or some “LGBTQ, sort of thing.”

“Children are very malleable,” Rogan explained. “They always have been. That’s how you can get children to be religious martyrs. Like how do you think they talk those kids into strapping themselves up with dynamite and walking in to some building and blowing themselves up?”

“They do it through coercion,” he added. “They teach them. They can get a person … you can get a child to ascribe to all sorts of ideologies. Hateful ideologies. Loving ideologies. We imitate our environment … But my point is for good or for bad. Even though you think you’re doing a good thing, you’re still not doing what you’re supposed to do.”

“What you’re supposed to do as an educator is teach kids,” the host continued. “Teach kids. Give them information. You’re not supposed to be grooming them towards a particular ideology or lifestyle.” (Read more from “Joe Rogan Goes off on ‘Progressive Ideology’ Push in Schools, Drag Shows for Little Kids” HERE)

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