Elon Musk Fights Child Sex Abuse After Twitter’s Speech Police Refused for Years

Elon Musk is cracking down on child sexual abuse material on Twitter, saying he is making it “Priority #1.”

Before Musk bought the tech company in October, the censorship police at Twitter permitted child porn to exist on the app for years. Instead of combating the exploitation of children, Twitter employees focused their energy on silencing people with whom they disagreed, such as deleting doctors who deviated from the government and Big Pharma narrative on Covid, removing the sitting President of the United States Donald Trump, and suppressing the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story (which boosted then-candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 election).

In an interview with Tesmanian, Eliza Bleu, an advocate for human trafficking victims and a survivor of it herself, said she tried to get Twitter to address the child porn on the app for two years, but execs refused to take any meaningful steps. In February 2022, Twitter implemented a reporting feature for child sexual abuse but a few months later removed it. It is unclear why the tech giant removed the feature.

Now Musk is shaking things up at Twitter. Within three weeks of acquiring the company, Musk fired useless Twitter employees, such as “censor chief” Vijaya Gadde, and implemented real measures to counter the child sexual exploitation problem on the app. According to Bleu, Twitter has now removed several popular child porn hashtags and allows users to directly report posts for sexual abuse.

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