Man Who Had His Face Torn off by a Bear Describes Attack in Grisly Detail

A man who was left severely disfigured after a vicious bear attack has shared his incredible survival story in hopes it can help others who find themselves in a similar situation.

The attack happened in 2011 but 65-year-old Wes Perkins still bears the scars of a terrifying encounter with a grizzly beast in the Alaskan mountains. Interviewed by Youtuber Dannie Rose for a short film released last month, Mr Perkins, a former fire chief in the city of Nome, recounted the attack in detail.

Mr Perkins had been on a hunting trip with his friend Dan Stang and Stang’s son Edward. The trio was tracking a “nice size bear” and drove around the hill hoping to find it, but before they could hunt it, the animal emerged from a hole it had dug and surprised Mr Perkins.

The bear charged at Mr Perkins, causing him to lose his teeth, tongue and jaw, before it was subdued and eventually killed by Mr Stang and his son. To survive, Mr Perkins instinctively removed the mud from his fresh wounds and he was then airlifted to receive medical care.

“I basically kept my airway open and had to dig the debris out of my airway, when I lost my tongue, jaw and all but a few teeth,” Mr Perkins told Newsweek. “So telling myself to function and never close my eyes or go unconscious was the main concentration.” (Read more from “Man Who Had His Face Torn off by a Bear Describes Attack in Grisly Detail” HERE)

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